A Song for Viggo

My life as a parent and loving husband. Also about finances.

now is not the time. I cant


on the way home from vacation, took an early flight . stressed, couldnt see. viggo was behind the car. he got under it. didnt survive. help me. god.. oh god.. god… it wasnt my fault.. karen was on me and stressing me. god. no this is just a dream. god..

Going on vacation

Awesomee! Writing this on the way to the airport.

Shit. Forgot to water the plants.

Jessica: if you read this, can you?

Slow sperms

Well, I went to the doctor today, since we haven’t had any look in getting pregnant lately. Doctor said: Your dudes swim way to slow. They’re basically drowning in their own cum. No, he didn’t say that phrase particularly but that’s what it felt like.

So, not that getting pregnant is out of the question, but now to search for good stuff to eat, and get advice on how to wake those little buggers.

Brocolli and disco..?


But I guess this blog is my ventilation.

So nothing’s really new. But I’m a bit more happy. Arnolds cancer treatment is actually going well, the tumours are shrinking. It’s too soon to celebrate but we have all our prayers with him.

And Karen is in the kitchen making lasagna. That’s just awesome!

We kinda make our own recipe, not the bought crap (except the pasta sheets).

Goey stuff:
Fry mincemeat
Add like three chopped tomatoes
Add like three garlic cloves (we make a big lasagna, plus garlic is nice).
2 roasted bell peppers, chopped (fry them in butter after the roast, add a pinch of sugar to caramelize it).
Tad olive oil.
A tad parsley
Half a finely chopped chilipepper
2 finely chopped sundried tomatoes.
optional: fried chopped button mushrooms.

Stir everything together and let it cook for at least an hour on low heat. Then add it between lasagna sheets as usual. Into the oven for 20-30 minutes and then, awesome. Try it!

Esteem some self esteem

I don’t know really why I’m like that some times. I just hate, really HATE, everything I do. Like that furniture I did as a present for Karen some time ago, I despise it. I basically walk by it and say: I hate you table, I hate you. Sure when we have guests over everyone is like “oh Steve, you’re soo talented”. But I don’t feel it. So the comments are kind of.. appreciated but not reaching the target.

I wish I could feel more satisifed, have some self esteem in what I do. Since, I do kinda wanna be appreciated (right, who doesn’t). Is this some kind of neurological problem that’s too deep in the brain?

Some times I wish I could quit my job and try out what I’m good at. But, that’s for another life.

Damn you blog, you get me all depressed.

I just wish

the vacation would come even sooner.


Haven’t been in the mood for bloggin’ lately. Guess I’m out of inspiration. Like, really, who’s that interested in reading about another guys life?

So, guess I should mostly write for my own sake. To keep things and thoughts down, otherwise they’ll fly away and get shot by a devil.

But good news! Apparently our trip to Hawaii’s been scheduled a bit sooner than expected. So I rebooked and it’s way cheaper. Like a lot. We will be leaving may 27th, and be away for a whole week. Which is awesome, and much needed.

Can’t wait. 🙂


Epic fight with Karen today. I just can’t bear it.

Time to get some flowers.

And I rose

Haven’t really had the time to blog anything. We all went down with massive fever and then there was work. Work. I hate my boss. Gives me shit whole day long.

Apart from that nothing really happened in my life. Karen started to take some courses in japanese. Viggo got a portable game for his birthday. Sarah found some new friends. Me? I don’t know.

+ I’m beginning to think that the piano I bought was a mistake.

Oh cheer me up. -_-